All of our premium feed rations are SOY FREE, CORN FREE, with NON-GMO grains and all are enhanced with the premium Organic and All-Natural Fertrell Nutri-Balancers vitamin, mineral, microbial additives specially formulated for the health of your animals.

WE MILL TO ORDER our H and H Feed rations every other week and do not warehouse our feed so you can be assured we are supplying you and your animals the freshest feed possible!

Why Fertrell?  Because it is a 100% organic vitamin, mineral, and microbial top quality and complete supplement for your animals that is “unmatched by the competition”.  Like you taking a high quality multi-vitamin vs a generic, your livestock will be better able to absorb and fully utilize the vitamins and minerals provided in H and H Feed.

We strive to include a high quality, healthy, and sustainable variety of grains, seeds, and plant and animal protein sources. These combined with the Fertrell organic vitamins and minerals give your animals the well rounded ration they will thrive on.  We add no pesticides, medications, preservatives, or hormones to our feeds.

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H and H Feed - Soy Free/Corn Free/Non-GMO